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How the Party Started is an interactive 'auxploration' that maps the past, present and future of Electronic Dance Music

- Clicking on a genre will create a fanning effect of artists, allowing you to explore new sounds

- The white arrow within a genre will take you through to a secondary page where you can read about the genre, industry insights and quotes from key artists and influencers

- All genre pages come with a Spotify playlist that showcases some of the best and even unknown songs from that genre

- Click on an artist and you will hear a 30 second preview of their music

- A featured artist click, on Diplo or Avicii for example, will also play a preview of their music. Following the white arrow again will take you to a secondary page where you can see everything from their net-worth to the tech they use

- You can show and hide all artists on demand

- All bubbles are movable and most aspects are clickable, feel free to 'auxplore'

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